Hey, welcome to my personal blog. My name is Vladi and I appreciate you.

I’ve been into building huge businesses all my life ever since I was 13 and was using my backpack to sell sandwiches, I made myself for profit, at school. The first time I had the opportunity to really make it happen, though, was when I hit 21.

I registered a company named VERON LTD after my awesome bulldog, who, by the way, passed away 3 years ago (can’t tell you how difficult that was for me), anyway, I started the company and in two years I had a fast food chain, a security and communication systems company and a work and travel agency. That happened in 2006, 5 years later I had to close the company mainly because of the fact I lived in one of the most ridiculous countries in the world – Bulgaria (glad the whole world is my home now 🙂 ).

I kept the company open but closed the fast food chain and everything and redirected my business entirely online. I’ve been building my company for the second time entirely online ever since. Now the company has assets valued at millions and brings me more money every month than most people make in 5 years… you can read my book to see how I did everything and how YOU can do it too.

Scroll down a bit to see me and my Bdog 🙂 .

So you really dug my story, a?

I think it’s pretty cool too, really hard to be humble when you are that awesome LOL. Just kidding, I needed an opening for this tab.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit about the Internet since you clicked here and obviously are after becoming huge online. Or maybe you are already such, either way, nice to meet you. I love meeting cool people.

There’s one thing you should know right from the start: you won’t get rich in a day, you won’t make money by doing nothing and you won’t be living on the beach clicking the “enter” button only to make money.

I need you to really get me here, I don’t want to be negative or anything, it’s just that everybody thinks success comes overnight online… but It’s nothing like that!

And when they find it is not, they get frustrated and quit. You don’t want that…

…what you want is to click that red button up at that right corner and read my book!

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